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Saturday, September 15, 2018

USAID Spends $89.7 Million Finding Jobs for 55 Afghan Women

A federal government program to promote gender equality in Afghanistan and help women find employment is costing taxpayers over $200 million but has only found jobs for 55 women.

The United States Agency for International Development program promised to "empower 75,000 women" but so far has shown little progress, according to a new report released by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

"It is unclear whether the agency can deliver the opportunities it promised the women of Afghanistan," the inspector general said.



Anonymous said...

Wait? This is happening with $90 million U.S. dollars? WTF approved this?

What happened to MAGA Mr. Trump??

This pisses me off!

Anonymous said...

See! Obama did do something for the economy.

Anonymous said...

See Terrorism does pay SMH.

Anonymous said...

Yet veterans claims are being thrown out by the tens of thousands. F*** Obama, and ALL you liberal socialist pieces of shit that enjoy the freedoms these people allow you

Anonymous said...

Think people much this 911 scam BS has cost us!! They did not let this crisis go to waste. Ever wonder why they cant fix anything we really need!! but when it comes to removing our freedoms. They have obamacare, patrtiot act, terrorism bills, sitting on shelves written and ready to pass with 99.9% of our traitorous leaders voting it as law..IT has been a theft of massive porportions of our nations wealth and future..however...As you can see Mr Trump is a direct threat to these subversive traitors as they scream in agony as he tries to dimantle this evil beast.

Anonymous said...

It was an Obama administration initiative that is only now seeing its highly questionable worth, given the pushback of males and Muslim clergy/politicians in the country, and the probable graft that sucks the money away. The numbers are as of 2017. Look for this to come under extreme scrutiny by the current administration.

Anonymous said...

Soros approved.

Anonymous said...

What re they paying for Halal meat and Burquas.