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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Texas State Board of Education votes to erase Hillary Clinton from history curriculum

The State Board of Education in Texas voted on Friday to eliminate several historical figures, including Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller, from the state’s social studies curriculum.

Barbara Cargill, a Texas Republican and member of the board, told The Dallas Morning News that "the recommendation to eliminate Helen Keller and Hillary Clinton was made by [Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills] work groups.”

“However the board did vote to agree with the work groups' recommendations,” Cargill pointed out. "In speaking to teachers and testifiers, they did not mention these specific deletions."



Anonymous said...

Erase it from U.S.A., it sure offends me.Please no more photo ops, scare little "keds"

Anonymous said...

Have a chapter in the social studies book entitled, "Infamous U.S. Politicians". She'll fit in nicely. But don't forget her, as she's an example of everything a real leader isn't.

Anonymous said...

Now lets start a go-fund-me and have her erased from this earth!

Anonymous said...

How's that phrase go? Oh, yeah. Relegated to the dustbin of history.

Unknown said...

I wish they had something to erase her from my memory