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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Frying Pan Tower flag fondly named 'Kevin', up for auction

OUTER BANKS, N.C. (WAVY) - The American flag that gained a national following as it flapped furiously in Hurricane Florence's winds is going up for auction.

Thousands watched a live feed from the privately owned Frying Pan Tower off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, Thursday as it documented the storm's approach.

The flag was no match for Florence, which left it ripped and tattered. The tower itself survived the hurricane's force, but the flag took a beating.

During a live chat Friday on the Frying Pan Tower Facebook page, owner Richard Neal said the flag would be returned to shore "respectfully and honorably" as soon as they could get back out to the tower to retrieve it. The plan is to then hand it over to the American Red Cross for them to auction and use the proceeds towards people in need.



Anonymous said...

If you were watching the comments on the live stream the group that came up with "Kevin" were going all day long. It was hillarious.

Anonymous said...

I kept the checking the live feed off and on. Yes they were funny. I have to wonder how they came up with the name Kevin. I got to see the guy that runs the live cam also. He was on for only a few minutes explaining things. That was funny to watch also. He was standing in front of his tv that was streaming the video of the flag and then you could see him on his tv being streamed which was delayed a few seconds. He finally had to move from in front of the tv.

Anonymous said...

The flag should be honorably retired, not used as a gimmick..

Anonymous said...

WHY the Red Cross?? The proceeds would probably just be used to fill the pockets of upper echelon as usual. There are many many much more deserving charities. Maybe someone who has respect for the flag will buy it and retire or destroy it in the proper fashion.