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Thursday, September 20, 2018

South African BLF Party: White "Existence Is A Crime...We Say Land Or Death"

Remember folks: white people are not being targeted in South Africa and President Trump and others who suggest otherwise are conspiracy theorists!

From Daniel Friedman,, "White existence is a crime, says BLF spokesperson":

The BLF spokesperson has posted views reflecting his party's belief that all white people in South Africa are criminals by virtue of their existence.

Black First, Land First spokesperson Lindsay Maasdorp has told the author of this article and others about the controversial party that my "existence is a crime."

He also repeated his party's slogan, "land or death."



Anonymous said...

Time we brought some good ole bikers over there let's see how that works out.

Anonymous said...

There are many groups in the US, who do have a level of political support, that say the same about people of color in this country. Yet folks like you say that people of color are not discriminated against (targeted) here. So which is it? Do you believe the words of one group are evidence of a national trend? Or do you think that maybe you should look for hard evidence beyond a few quotes coming out of a certain group?

Anonymous said...

I wish President Trump would send a small military force and make blf extinct.

Anonymous said...

If America can spend $$ millions of dollars on Muslims that hate us then we have an obligation to assist these white people who need us the most.