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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hogan Administration Awards Nearly $60 Million in Grants for Local Roads

Delivers on Promise to Return Highway User Revenues; Nearly $20M Increase From FY 2018

The Hogan administration today announced it has awarded $57.9 million in grants to improve local roads across the state. The grants were distributed to all 23 counties, Baltimore City, and other municipalities based on the formula for the distribution of Highway User Revenues (HURs). The funding represents a nearly $20 million increase over fiscal year 2018, and continues to make good on Governor Larry Hogan’s pledge to return HURs to local jurisdictions for critical road improvements.

“Since taking office, our administration has been committed to returning Highway User Revenues to local jurisdictions across Maryland, which is exactly where they belong,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “These grants provide our counties and municipalities with vital funding to keep our roads and citizens safe.”

The grants add to the nearly $178 million in Highway User Revenues that Maryland counties and municipalities are set to receive in fiscal year 2019. Jurisdictions must use the grants for transportation projects.

For the past four years, Governor Hogan has fought to return HURs to past levels after being severely reduced by the previous administration. Despite these efforts, the funding has been cut significantly and consistently by the Maryland General Assembly.

The Hogan administration has invested $16 billion in the state’s draft Consolidated Transportation Plan for fiscal years 2019–2024. Across the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), 816 projects totaling $8.8 billion are under construction - including highways, toll facilities, the Port of Baltimore, and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

“We continue to invest in critical transportation projects that benefit residents and businesses across Maryland,” said MDOT Secretary Pete K. Rahn.

For a breakdown of grant funding that counties, Baltimore City, and other municipalities received, click here.


Anonymous said...

Well start in pittsville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is worse than even the ghetto roads...

Anonymous said...

let's wait and see how much is actually spent on roads!!

Anonymous said...

I think your allotted money is likely going to the pending red light at 60 ft rd.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Virginia, it's an election year!

Anonymous said...

How many of these millions trickle down to Wicomico County Roads. Probably most of the 1000 people who attended our festival returned to their homes with broken axles, needing alignment, and Ghetto repairs. We can thank Jake for sharing the ghetto that is Salisbury because nothing is maintained here. I bet the word has spread far and wide about the conditions here, the ghetto boarded up homes, the weeds 3' tall everywhere, the highway mediums with dead trees, dead bushes. And what is the latest word on the body found in the river can they conclude if he died during the festival and fell in yet?

Anonymous said...

Salisbury could damn sure use a lot of that money. The roads around here are terrible. They look like a patch work quilt.