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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

REPORT: Beto wanted VFW to take down American flags before campaign event

Beto O’Rourke, Democrats’ big hope to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, shocked many in his home state recently when he professed support for National Football League players to take a knee during the National Anthem.
Now, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #4006 Commander Carl Dry alleges the party’s rising star wants to do way with the American flag altogether, or at least at his campaign events, according to The Examiner.

At a town hall meeting at the VFW in late August, Dry contends O’Rourke’s people demanded veterans remove the American flag from the walls, but they refused to comply.

Dry made it clear the VFW does not endorse O’Rourke’s campaign, which was required to abide by the same rental agreement as any other group that leases the facility.

“I do not normally attend rental events, but I attended Saturday to make sure things ran smoothly,” Dry said, adding that the campaign made two specific requests. “They wanted to open the doors (to the Flight Deck Lounge) and I couldn’t allow that and they wanted to take the flags down.

“I did not only say no, I said hell no, you don’t take the flags off the wall,” he said. “I can’t believe any American would ask us to do that and I don’t know why he wanted them down or what he was going to put up instead.”



Anonymous said...

Send his treasonous ass to Syria.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another liberal communist. People better wake up and make sure you inform your family and neighbors of what is going on in our country and get them registered and to the polls to vote in November. Too many are ignorant and happy sitting on the sidelines. But they won't be too happy if progressive democrats take over.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Democrats is a vote against America.

lmclain said...

I'm willing to bet that IF he ever takes his oath of office, he keeps his fingers crossed behind his back.
NO ONE should be elected to an American political position if they don't want an American flag in the room when they speak.
The only exception would be if the flag were replaced with a hangman's noose in the center of the room (for when the speech is over, it's going to be over for good).
Keep cheering.