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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Delmar Elementary Closed Tomorrow Thursday, September 13th.

Due to some electrical work that needs to be done at the school Thursday, this important message has just been sent to all Delmar Elementary families:

"Good afternoon Bobcat families, this is Principal Bryson with an important status announcement for our school for tomorrow, Thursday, September 13th. Delmar Elementary School will be closed on Thursday for students and staff. This closure is a result of the need to repair a transformer serving part of our facility. The repairs are necessary due to yesterday’s lightning strike at the school. Out of an abundance of caution, we will not have students or staff in the building while these repairs take place. We look forward to seeing everyone back at Delmar Elementary on Friday, September 14th, to finish up this week of school. Thank you."

Staff members have been informed. Delmar Elementary staff will work off-site on Thursday, at the James M. Bennett Auditorium in Salisbury.

A note for families whose children usually catch the shuttle at Delmar Elementary to go to the North Salisbury Elementary Magnet Program: On Thursday morning, those students will be dropped off at Delmar Middle and High to catch the shuttle; a Delmar Elementary administrator will be there to assist. In the afternoon, these Delmar students will ride the shuttle from North Salisbury School back to Delmar Middle and High, where a DES administrator will again be on hand to make sure students get to the right places to get home.


Anonymous said...

Ah. ^^Electric? * is this a ^^Free**^ day for Teachers ? School.

Anonymous said...

This is called "SAFETY " for ALL....IDIOT

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a free day for staff

Anonymous said...

5:26 What do you care? You’ll be in your bathrobe all day playing video games in mom’s basement anyway.