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Friday, September 14, 2018

AP Fact Checks Obama: He 'Doesn't Always Tell A Straight Story'

In what can only be truthfully described as a "shocking development," the Associated Press has issued a fact check on former President Barack Obama's claim that he "never threatened to shut" down media outlets or "call them enemies of the people."

The AP concludes — shockingly — that Barack Obama "doesn’t always tell the straight story."

The fact check specifically concerns comments Obama made while accepting an award in his home state of Illinois last week, where the former president compared his treatment of press outlets he didn't quite care for, like Fox News, to current President Donald Trump's feud with CNN.



Anonymous said...

Change always to ever and it's still a true statement!

Anonymous said...

obama NEVER tells the straight story. He is a pathological liar. Locally we have people wondering why the SACYA stand got broken into and most of the supplies stolen as if it's some great mystery. Almost all blacks idolize obama. Almost all have turned THUGS like Trayvon Martin, Colin K, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown into heroes.
Now they are 'hurt' and 'sad' about the break in of the stand and wonder why. It's because of a complete lack of morals within that communities. If you idolize a liar you do NOT have morals. This is NOT debatable You idolize obama and you are NOT a good person. They need look no further then their own mirrors as to why their youth do what they do. There are very few positive role models in their communities. Very few Christians because if you idolize obama you are NOT a Christian no matter how much you lie about it and lying is what you are doing. I know the truth is NOT valued in these communities but someone has to start leading them out of their sinful and immoral ways.

Anonymous said...

He is the all time winner of the Pinnochio Award