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Friday, September 14, 2018

Bike Week 2018 Best Year Ever

Bike Week 2018 has already turned out to be the best Bike Week ever. Shame on the local forecasters for getting it ALL WRONG! Nevertheless, Trader Lee's stuck it out, made the proper orders and we are able to provide for the massive crowds. I can tell you very honestly, we've already out done the Salisbury Festival and the party is just getting started. Tonight's Live Music venue will certainly have the entire bar packed and the 6 acre parking lot to boot. The Oasis Bar canceled all of their entertainment yesterday and starting an hour ago, (4:00) our bands started playing Live and will continue till 2:00 AM. Loud Love will start at 9:00 PM and trust me, that's not a band you want to miss.

So come join the PARTY at Trader Lee's. No one can top our Party. By the way, the pictures you are seeing are from about 4:30 PM today. We've been packed all day and tonight, well, it's going to be incredible. 

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