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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

'Proud of Him': Championship Coach Bowden Defends HS Coach Fired Over Prayer

Retired Florida State Seminoles' Football Coach Bobby Bowden praised a Washington State high school coach fired over taking a knee in prayer on the field with his players.

Coach Joe Kennedy lost his job as an assistant football coach at a Bremerton, Wash., high school in 2015 after the school district suspended him for leading football players in prayer.

"I'm proud of him for standing up for what he believes," Bowden, who won multiple NCAA championships with FSU, said. "I'm proud of him for putting God first."

Bowden, who appeared on "The Story" with Kennedy and his attorney Jeremy Dys, said that he was sure members of Kennedy's former team are proud of him too.

"I don't know how I didn't get fired because I prayed all the time at Florida State," Bowden remarked.

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Anonymous said...

Im proud of him too!

Anonymous said...

He WASN'T putting "God" first. He was putting HIMSELF first.

How unbelievably RUDE and INCONSIDERATE to violate someone else's children religious conscience. They didn't send their kids to a prayer revival or vacation bible school... they sent them to play football. Unconscionable. Imagine the hubris of force feeding your brand of religiosity on other peoples children.

Imagine the ostracizing and bullying to the kids who don't participate.

This is shameful. This isn't religious freedom or liberty, this is someone looking for attention, and someone deciding HE knows whats best for OTHER peoples children.

Period, Hard Stop.