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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Police Capture Illegal Posing With ‘Daughter’ He Was Raping

U.S. officials have arrested an illegal alien for multiple counts of rape after he tried to gain entry to the United States with a child he claimed was his daughter, a DHS official said in a Tuesday statement.

A DHS official noted that the illegal alien, Ramon Pedro, arrived with a young girl he claimed was his daughter at the Ysleta Port of Entry in Texas in mid-April.

After Pedro and his claimed daughter were hospitalized for tuberculosis testing in July, U.S. authorities discovered she was not only not related to him in any way but was being systematically sexually abused by him.

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Anonymous said...

Paying taxes, good neighbors and non criminals. Vote democrat

Anonymous said...

How come bill Cosbys Hollywood star is still there ?.

Anonymous said...

Vote Democrat and we will be where we started from. Recession