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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Maryland House speaker to push for amendment protecting abortion rights

Maryland’s House Speaker Michael E. Busch plans to lead an effort to enshrine in the state constitution a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, joining a number of other states attempting to preempt any move by the Supreme Court to erode abortion protections.

Busch (D-Anne Arundel) said he will personally introduce and garner support for legislation asking voters to approve a constitutional amendment, probably in the next presidential election. An amendment would mean that even if the Supreme Court overturned its ban on state laws prohibiting abortion, no such legislation could be passed in Maryland.

“If [voters] decide that this becomes part of the constitution, a woman’s right to choose will never be debated; it will never be a bargaining chip” in the legislative process, Busch said.

Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican who personally opposes abortion, said that he is not sure a referendum is necessary but that letting voters decide “sounds like a great idea.” Ben Jealous, his Democratic opponent, vowed to campaign in support of the amendment.



Anonymous said...

NO WAY. This should only be allowed under extreme circumstances. I, as a tax payer am tired of paying for abortions. We already have to support the lazy bums. They don't want or can't afford a child then they should get their tubes tied. They should be made to pay for their own medical expenses. Hogan is cutting my State medical benefits as a senior retiree. So why am I responsible for their abortions and medical expenses when I can't afford my?

Anonymous said...

I guess he plans to have Marylanders fund their own abortion clinics too?

Anonymous said...

A REAL woman's right would be the right to say no or the right to tell her sex partner to wear a one dollar condom so she doesn't have to have a one thousand dollar abortion. Instead we get a bunch of brainless twit liberals.