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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fake America

Europeans are told America is religious, but “church going” Americans too often exhibit an undercurrent of hate mongering and hypocrisy that is impossible to not recognize, except among themselves.

Similarly, an education in history or sociology in America is akin to studying science fiction as fact.

Economics, as taught at America’s top business schools, is more fiction than fact, more fakethan fundamentals.

Many, too many, feel America’s love affair with prevarication and fakery is new-found, a thing of recent times, from the continual lies and gaffs of Trump to the bumbling idiocy of his predecessor in outright ignorance, George W. Bush.

At its heart, America is a fake nation with fake institutions, fake religions, a fake government and fake people. Anyone who comes to America notes it. Tocqueville, the author, in his first commentary on America, “Democracy in America,” began chronicling America’s descent into “hokeydom” in 1831.



Anonymous said...

How Italy and Spain have abandoned religious? A ridiculous claim known to be untrue by anyone who has visited either country. Haven't been to France yet so who knows.

lmclain said...

I hope he lives up to his beliefs and lives in some other country.
America saved the world TWICE -- the whole f'ing WORLD. TWICE!
We fed half the planet for fifty years and still give away more food than many countries produce themselves.
People die trying to get here, just for a CHANCE at freedom and opportunity.
We have utterly destroyed our enemies and then the American people have rebuilt their countries into prosperity.
The writer is one stupid dumbass.
I'd like to see him name which country on Earth has done better than us.
No one calls Sweden or Norway or Russia or Denmark when TSHTF, you big dummy.
They call you-know-who. THAT ain't fake, is it??