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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Arizona police supervisor taped office sex on body cam, lawsuit says

A former Superior police commander filmed himself having sex in his office using a department body camera, and stored pornography on a departmental computer, according to court and investigative records that portray a law enforcement agency dominated by officers who were previously fired or suspended from other departments.

The ex-commander, Anthony Doran, was the target of an administrative probe in March by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. A report from that investigation, obtained by The Arizona Republic, alleges a Superior police secretary discovered the sex video while conducting official business on Doran’s computer.



Anonymous said...

All you need now is popcorn and Junior Mints to enjoy the show.
I continue to be amazed at how stupid people can be.

Anonymous said...

He lived in a room at the department not uncommon some agency's. During transition, flex time, training and other situations for limited time. (Barracks) he was not on duty and not in uniform. Filming and keeping it soooo stupid but being fired based on ALL the facts I disagree with. Suspended fined and training unpaid.

Anonymous said...

bradycop department. Look it up! shame we as citizens allow these things to go on. We should demand more from our public servants, elected and unelected!

Anonymous said...

He wasn't the only person being probed.

Anonymous said...

Most secretaries are superior, they think the power transfers to them. Or did you mean Superior AZ?