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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Virginia County Votes to Arm Teachers, Pay for Their Guns

Virginia’s Lee County school district voted to arm teachers and pay for their guns and training.

Lee County is the first in the state to allow teachers to be armed.

WJHL quotes Lee County School Board Chairman Michael Kidwell saying, “The only way to fight a gun if somebody comes through these doors with a gun to shoot our students, is with another gun.”

School board member Rob Hines added, “At least it gives us a chance. If we sat there and did nothing, I couldn’t sleep at night. At least we’re trying to do something.”

Members of the board also noted that arming teachers was the most cost efficient means of increasing school safety. And numerous teachers have already volunteered to carry guns.

The school district agreed to pay for the teachers’ guns and also to cover the cost of their training.

On June 16, 2018, Breitbart News reported that nearly 220 Texas school districts allow staff to be armed.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder how many have to die in mass shootings at schools before the gun control freaks finally get it and follow Lee county's example.

Anonymous said...

Maryland's school boards would have none of this nonsense. It you want the kids protected as well as educated, you gotta pay for it. How's $270k plus (unpriced) car, plus a technology allowance $500 a month. Did I mention that that was simply for a TEMP employee?


Anonymous said...

Finally , Somebody has got Good Sense!