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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh will sail through Supreme Court confirmation and the angry New York Times knows it

There’s no reason to believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh won’t get a quick confirmation hearing,and you can base that solely on how unjustifiably angry the New York Times is about his nomination.

Kavanaugh has served as a federal judge for more than a decade now, and yet the Times’ front-page headline covering his nomination reduced his stature to “former Bush aide.”

The paper’s editorial board conceded this week that President Trump and congressional Republicans “will almost certainly win” any fight to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court but not without first casting doubt over his legitimacy.



Anonymous said...

Good. As far as this registered Democrat feel, take it all from those ole dead beat Democrats.

Anonymous said...

And he's been no 'mere' Federal judge. He's been on the Appeals bench of the DC Circuit, often regarded as second only to the Supreme Court in influence and prestige.

Course the Times probably referred to Babe Ruth as an ex Red Sox pitcher!

And Mrs. Bill Clinton as a law graduate who failed the DC bar exam.

Context is important.

Anonymous said...

And I sure hope God steps in and calls home 2 of them to give our President a chance to fill those spots!