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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

There Might Be a Cheaper Drug, But Pharmacists Can’t Tell You That

A few months ago, Rhode Island state Rep. Brian Kennedy had a mild sinus infection, for which he was prescribed an antibiotic.

That would be unremarkable, except for what happened next. Kennedy had a friend behind the pharmacy counter where he went to fill the prescription. The pharmacist-friend said he would charge Kennedy the retail price for the small drug dose he needed, without going through his insurance company, because the retail price was cheaper than the insurance copayment.

Kennedy won’t name his friend because the pharmacist might have violated a “gag clause” in the store’s contract with a pharmacy benefit management company that handles its drug insurance plans.

Instead, Kennedy and four colleagues, all Democrats, introduced legislation to ban such “gag clauses.” The bill is now in committee.



Anonymous said...

So typical of Big Pharma.
A thoroughly corrupt and despicable industry

Anonymous said...

True, about time our nation did something about this crap!

Anonymous said...

A-Men 6:38 and something has got to
be done about it !!

Anonymous said...

It's not the pharmaceutical companies doing this. It's the insurance companies and the retail outlets.

Anonymous said...

The insurance companies don’t want to pay for a cheaper drug?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to America. The TV tells you what you need.

lmclain said...

It's "in committee".

Pharma has enough money to make sure that is as far as it goes.

More BS from BS politicians. HE had a problem that millions of "we, the people" have endured for YEARS.

NOW, he wants to fix it because it bothered HIM. He SOUNDS very concerned. Just not about YOU.
He actually couldn't care less if you died before noon today.

He'll get re-elected, too.

Anonymous said...

Your insurance company and/or HR will negotiate prices This has zero to do with an individual pharmacist. If you are curious about cash prices, just ask.