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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

NBC mulls moving 'Megyn Kelly Today' to a new time slot

NBC is starting to think about reshuffling its morning lineup to limit the damage done by struggling “Megyn Kelly Today.”

Sources tell Page Six that network execs are considering moving Megyn Kelly’s show — which has been having a hard time attracting viewers since it debuted in September — an hour later, and bringing Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb’s popular hour of the “Today” show forward by an hour to replace it.

As Page Six reported in October 2017, Gifford and Kotb’s ratings “took a huge hit” after Kelly replaced Tamron Hall and Al Roker’s “Today’s Take” at 9 a.m.

At the time, Kelly was down 32 percent compared to the time slot’s viewership in the previous year. This dropped Gifford and Kotb by 26 percent, because the viewers who turned off Kelly’s show never returned for Gifford and Kotb’s 10 a.m. hour.



Anonymous said...

Replaced by Kathy Gifford? That’s bad.

Anonymous said...

Megyn Kelly needs to find another profession. She is damaged goods in the journalist field. No one would miss her if she was to just go away. NBC made a bad investment in her.

Anonymous said...

If this loser had supported a winner (President Donald J. Trump), instead of resisting the good presidential candidate, she would be on top of her game. I haven't seen or heard anything about her since she blindsided the good man during a debate. Didn't know she was still working and can care less. Mark her down as a complete failure like the fat failed one that cheated to get in the White House again and still failed. She hasn't come to grips with the glass ceiling falling. She just didn't see it. She wanted to break a glass ceiling, but The Donald broke it for her. Lol The heck with both of the female (?) failures.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Fox ended her career. But It matters little. She doesn't have to work. She got more money than she needs.

Anonymous said...

Her fifteen minutes are ending. She had a great job at Fox but was greedy. The Fox system was the reason for her success then. She thought she had a personal following and found out she didn't. Hope she's saving some of the checks cuz they going to be stopping.

Anonymous said...

I can care less, but probably won’t.
I will just keep on caring a little bit for now.