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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Farmer's Home Raided, Guns Confiscated After Trying to Comply With CA Gun Control

Farmer Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann tried to register an AR-15 with the state per California’s latest “assault weapons” ban requirements and ended up having his home raided, firearms confiscated, and faces 12 felony counts.

Kirschermann was trying to comply with the June 30, 2018, deadline to register all “assault weapons” in the state and became snared by the flurry of laws instituted by CA Democrats over the past few years.

KGET reports that Kischermann tried to register a firearm online and that firearm allegedly turned out to be “illegally modified” in light of recent laws. As a result, his home in Northwest Bakersfield was raided and “a dozen guns, 230 rounds of ammunition and two silencers [were] seized.”

Kischermann was arraigned on 12 charges at the state level and released on $150,000 bond.



Anonymous said...

Proves anti-gun laws are confiscation laws.

Anonymous said...

It begins!

Anonymous said...

This is the beginning. Democrats are bold faced liars and are 100% committed to taking law abiding citizens guns away. They absolutely need to disarm you so they can stuff more of your tax payer cash into their silk pillow cases.

Don't think for a minute this can't happen here. Maryland is inches away from doing this and if nobody protests what just happened in Kommifornia, then the democrats have a green light to go nationwide.

This poor farmer trusted the government. When has that ever gone well for a law abiding citizen when it comes to the second amendment?

All throughout history, the most important first step a tyrannical government undertakes is to remove the serfs means of defense. That way they can control them.

Since most educators are liberal maroons, they don't teach this part of history.

Now I believe is when things start to get interesting. People with nothing to lose that have fought, bled, and suffered immeasurably defending our constitution are faced with a direct assault on what our founding fathers created.

The second amendment guarantees our right to keep and bear arms and the constitution provides a legitimate lawful action to throw off the chains of an unlawful government.

It's almost time to refresh the tree of liberty.

Anonymous said...

See even when you try to follow the law you break the law or the cops will try to get you for something, and you call these people hero's, who by the way get paid by the tax dollars stolen from you in the form of taxes and fees...

Anonymous said...

Well, there you go. They have done it. Democrat Liberal progressives have assaulted and attacked an American in his home for trying to comply with their rediculous perversion of a Government.

Anonymous said...

A firearm in California is 'illegally' modified and the owner is arrested on 12 felony counts.

But California ignores people who are in California 'illegally'.

Anonymous said...

Time to start responding like the democrats do - WITH VIOLENCE!! We need to get ready to fight back people, because it is coming to a town near you.

Anonymous said...

hopefully,the NRA represent him or Judicial Watch

Make sure you get plenty of ammo to use if Democrats come to take your guns