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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Medicare Takes Aim At Boomerang Hospitalizations Of Nursing Home Patients

"Oh my God, we dropped her!" Sandra Snipes said she heard the nursing home aides yell as she fell to the floor.

She landed on her right side where her hip had recently been replaced. She cried out in pain.

A hospital clinician later discovered her hip was dislocated.

That was not the only injury Snipes, then 61, said she suffered in 2011 at Richmond Pines Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Hamlet, N.C. Nurses allegedly had been injecting her twice a day with a potent blood thinner despite written instructions to stop.

"She said, 'I just feel so tired,' " her daughter, Laura Clark, said in an interview. "The nurses were saying she's depressed and wasn't doing her exercises. I said no, something is wrong."

Her children also discovered Snipes' surgical wound had become infected and infested with insects. Just 11 days after she arrived at the nursing home to heal from her hip surgery, she was back in the hospital.



Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever been inside the berlin nursing home?If the smell doesnt make you sick when you walk throught the door.I had a family member there.That place is suck a joke! They cant keep help.There is one so called old nurse for every 20 patients.They call 911 all the time because they cant take care of the patients.Do not ever put a family member in there.They will not come out alive!

Anonymous said...

Sickening !

Hope to God you don't have to go in one. I
was in one here in Sby, suppose to be good
from what I'd heard. I heard wrong , the
lack of care was horrible!

Anonymous said...

Yes I’ve been in Berlin Nursing Home and contrary to the first comment it is probably the best in the area and has better staffing ratios then any other nursing home around. I say this as a family member who wasn’t at first pleased with the care there and moved my mom but found that care in the others is much, much worse.

Anonymous said...

Four aides to help a nurse with 47 paitients..and you wonder why people die in nursing homes so often. This scenerio is real! If you put family in one you need to have family around to keep an eye.on them or they are doomed.