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Monday, June 11, 2018

More Than Half Of American Homes Are Overvalued, CoreLogic Warns

A history of economic cycles dating back to the mid-1800s reveals a troubling outlook for today’s Central Bank induced bull market of hopes and dreams, which could be in the later innings.

It is quite evident that Americans have quit saving as their gig-economy jobs have left them in financial ruin - now being squeezed by the higher cost of living.

The charades of economic stability could continue for a little longer, with President Trump’s stealth quantitative easing program to Wall Street via debt-financed tax reform, which has induced a massive wave of more than $2.5 trillion in stock buybacks — a gift to corporate America.

No matter where one looks, the valuation of many financial assets are overextended, and new evidence today from CoreLogicshows this troubling picture very late into an economic cycle: More than half of U.S. residential real estate markets were overvalued in April.


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