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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Democrat Plantation Searches For Runaway Slave Kanye, In Bombshell Political Art

‘Indeed, The Left strokes out when any high-profile black leaves the Dem plantation’
An angry donkey who runs a plantation, marked with a letter “D,” looks for missing slave Kanye West, in the latest spicy cartoon from artist Branco.

The political commentary, entitled, “An Angry Master,” comes after the Left’s collective outrage over rapper Kanye West’s tweets in support of conservative activist Candace Owens and President Donald Trump.

“Liberals are in a psychotic frenzy over Kanye West thinking independently toward Trump, rather than the lockstep groupthink they expect out of black Americans,” Branco writes. “Indeed, The Left strokes out when any high-profile black leaves the Dem plantation.”

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Anonymous said...

Truth !

Anonymous said...

Ha! And if he sooke out against Trump you would be calling him a useless thug. Too funny

Anonymous said...

God is good. Who says you can't make a blind man see.

Anonymous said...

Truth! Run Kanye, run!

Anonymous said...

Look up "The Jones Plantation" on YouTube. Maybe that will help explain life to some of you.