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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Almost 2/3 Of Americans Have Given Up On Political Parties, Citing Corruption In Government

Disillusioned by the promises of politicians and convinced that the entire political system is irreparably corrupt, many Americans will be staying out of the voting booth for the 2018 elections.

This isn’t new, however, as many refused to vote in 2016 as well.

Respondents told poll takers at USA Today and Suffolk University in a recent survey:

“Nearly two-thirds of adult U.S. citizens will stay away from the polls during the coming midterm elections, and they say they have given up on the political parties and a system that they say is beyond reform and repair…

A majority of those non-voters would like to see a third party or multiple parties.” –Suffolk University

Although that number may seem high, in 2016, faced with the prospect of having to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,46.9% of eligible voters didn’t even vote in the presidential election.

Most of those who no longer vote have given up on the “lesser of two evils” fallacy and the irrational belief that somehow the government has our best interests in mind.

The Huffington Post noted,

“The poll surveyed Americans who aren’t registered to vote or who are registered but say they’re unlikely to cast a ballot. Combined, the two groups include more than 100 million adults, the pollsters note.”

And the corruption in government is becoming apparent to those who choose to opt out of voting. About 68 percent of independent voters and party registered voters who say they are unlikely to vote this year agreed with the statement:

“I don’t pay much attention to politics because it is so corrupt.”

It’s a marked increase over the 54 percent of respondents who agreed to this characterization of politics in the 2012 survey.



Anonymous said...

No one asked me?? I follow it everyday. I want to know who was abusing government positions; taxpayers monies.

Anonymous said...

A third party will rise, but it will be the Democratic Party in disguise, flavored with extra Marxism.

Anonymous said...

I'm joining Diamond & Silk's Trump Republicans

Anonymous said...

I believe once we get the swamp creatures out and ALL the RINO's out and finally ALL the Elitists and Traitors out we might have something. Of course they would have to be replaced by Honorable, Conservative, Patriots who Can't be bought.

Anonymous said...

You do realize the Swamp will never be drained, right?
I mean, if a group is powerful enough to build a swamp then they are not going to relinquish power.

Think about it.

Those who seized power in Nov 22, 1963 have not and will not relinquish their power.
Why would they?

Do you believe they are not SERIOUS about their power?
Wake up man.