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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Deep State Panics: America No Longer Believes Us!

Americans waking up to fake news, propaganda, lies and incompetence peddled by intel community

The intelligence community fears American citizens no longer believe the government due to the climate of fake news and state-sponsored propaganda, according to a recent national intelligence assessment.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said in the document released last month that the intelligence community is concerned Americans no longer believe what they say.

“Challenges from urbanization and migration will persist, while the effects of air pollution, inadequate water, and climate change on human health and livelihood will become more noticeable,” the report stated.



Anonymous said...

The only person intelligent Americans don’t believe is Trump.

Anonymous said...

MK Ultra

Anonymous said...

I can't believe these people are so clueless. Give us ONE reason we SHOULD Trust in ANY of these agencies; just ONE...good grief, you must think we DON'T think!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe you have that backwards.

Anonymous said...

Your mom wants you to get a job so you can move out of her basement. 36 is old enough to get a job.

Anonymous said...

142 you voted for crooked Hillary and and crazy pence. To funny