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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

CONVICTED: Doc Bribed $188,000 To Push Opioids

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Anonymous said...

Providing relief to patients in pain is now called "pushing" Opioids??? Drug companies always use doctors to promote their products, and now they are calling that "bribes"? Boy, they've gone overboard with this war on pain-killers. I've had serious injuries that I don't think I would have recovered from without opioids. I never became addicted to them, but they were a lifesaver while I used them. I never used up a single prescription that was prescribed for me. I still think this so-called epidemic is a made up political issue. Drug abusers are going to be drug abusers, no matter what. If not opioids, them something else. Opioids are their drug of choice, for now. If you take them away, they will find something else to abuse, and die from.