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Friday, January 27, 2017


Message from the Executive Director

On its last day, the Obama Administration announced a civil rights review of public transit in Maryland. As part of its investigation, the Department of Transportation will examine whether Gov. Larry Hogan violated the rights of African Americans by killing the Red Line, a 14-mile train line proposed to connect neighborhoods in East and West Baltimore, a potential link to new jobs and economic opportunity for city residents.
Gov. Hogan scrapped plans for the Red Line in 2015 and redirected funds to highway, road and bridge projects in other parts of the state in suburban communities. In a letter sent to Hogan last week, the agency said its investigators found that the decision to cancel the Red Line was made by Hogan’s office without any input from the state’s transportation agency.

When Gov. Hogan spoke at the National Urban League’s annual conference in August he said his urban agenda is, "about rebuilding, revitalizing and transforming this entire city.” But his actions tell a different story. From Hogan’s decisions on funding for public safety, totransit and budget cuts to development and education, far too often Baltimore gets the short end of the stick. Budgets are about priorities. With every decrease in funding or program cut, Hogan is letting us know how much he really cares about Baltimore.

Chuck Conner
Executive Director


Anonymous said...

Sad isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Lets see here. I could not be that the cost of the Red Line was going to be enourmous as it would run right through a heavily populated area and would only benefit a fraction of the citizens. Instead he took that money and spread it around to more pressing problems. Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

did he just say Baltimore gets the short end of the stick. What is he smoking... the pot from the million dollar bust today???
Baltimore gets the lion's share of state funds!!
This is how fake news get's started. A liberal democrat puts something on official letterhead, releases it to the MSM and, voila, it's suddenly MSM fact.
Maybe we could see that on an episode of "How it's Made" How liberals manufacture and sell Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Finally a red line that he would stand up for ??? Lol

Anonymous said...

At least Hogan is intelligent and knows how to manage what is viable and what is not.

Unlike Fake Day, who had the audacity to say on the news that bikers shop more.
They ride around the city stop in places and buy stuff.
Because they have money since they don't have to worry about parking and maintaining their cars.


You are either poor and only have a bike, so you don't shop.
Or you have a bike AND a car, so you maintain it anyhow

Day is as intelligent as a box of rocks.

It is sad living here. Really really sad.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the bikes in the bike racks downtown, they are all locked together with one long cable lock, and they remain there during rainy days.

Nothing but stage props.

Besides, if you do buy a valuable piece of art, how are you going to get it home on a bicycle???

Anonymous said...

If they cannot afford the Bus, mass transit, then how can they afford the red line. The red line was a waste of tax dollars when they already have mass transit to get where they want. Blatant discriminatory spending.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore certainly does not get the short end of the stick. And the waste what the get

Anonymous said...

I checked my copy of the Constitution and couldn't find a right to a bus, rail or subway line.

And last I knew a governor may ask for input from an agency he supervises but isn't obligated to do so.

Anonymous said...

The money was initially "redirected" from all counties' (except Baltimore and PG) shares of federal Highway User Funds, derived from federal gasoline tax and fees. These funds are the ones that counties and municipalities depend upon to provide upkeep for area streets, roads, and bridges. This "redirection" was accomplished in the terms before Hogan's arrival, the terms of our most recent Democrat governor. As a result, for years those towns, etc., had to endure tax increases to bring street and road maintenance to bare bones levels, or had to suffer the consequences of inadequate maintenance and repairs. Thank the Dems for this one, and don't push it off on the current governor.