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Monday, December 18, 2017

Japan CPAC: In Searing Defense of 'Trump Miracle', Bannon Calls Out Chinese Regime

The United States and East Asian allies must unify to constrain China’s “frightening, “audacious,” and “global” ambitions, said Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Sunday. President Donald Trump, he added, has begun ushering in an American resurgence toward this end.

Bannon’s remarks came as he headlined a J-CPAC event in Tokyo, Japan, hosted by the The American Conservative Union.

Confronting China’s ascendance and growing hegemony, said Bannon, required America and her allies to enter the “valley of decision.” Drawing on twentieth century appeasement of Nazi Germany as illustrative, he warned of the dangers of appeasing China as an ascendant competitor nation state:

We’re going through – for the next ten, or fifteen, or twenty years – the valley of decision. Now go back and study what happened in other eras [such as] the 1930s, when leaders of the world [and] leaders on the side of freedom appeased people; didn’t face reality; kicked the can down the road. All the easy decisions are decades behind us. We don’t have any easy choices. We don’t have any easy decisions. There are no easy options on the range of alternatives. There’s only hard choices. There’s only tough choices.


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