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Saturday, October 28, 2017

The One Paragraph You Need To Read From The JFK Assassination Files That May Change Everything warns that one haunting paragraph unearthed from 3,000 never-before-seen documents will shake Patriots to their core about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Or perhaps worse. Make that haunting three paragraphs.

This is not pretty.

But it is likely President Donald Trump understands what Kennedy comprehended, which now appears to have led to his murder:

The out-of-control shadow government in this country threatens the fabric and the future of the United States.

See for yourself.

As a reminder, here is the position of the alleged shooter explained...

So how do 'they' explain this...



Anonymous said...

Yes, and Lee Iococa(sp) sent a man from Ford to retrieve the limo JFK was riding in and one thing they did was replace the windshield trim that had been hit with a bullet, not a fragment.

There were a whole lot of people involved with this assassination, well-known people also.

JFK wanted to get rid of the FED. He wanted to get our troops out of Viet Nam. He talked about the "secret govt". He printed money from the govt, NOT the FED. He and his brother, RFK, were going after the mob. JFK, his admin, the CIA, were in cahoots and tried to assassinate Castro multiple times. He had missiles in Turkey threatening USSR at the time, leading to the Cuban missile crisis.

A whole lot of actors had reason(s) to kill him.

Anonymous said...

IMO without the official Coroner's report included in the article - just a comment by somebody named Potito to 40 people at a dinner -makes it an unreliable source?

Anonymous said...

I would not believe any report or account that is even on paper. Peripheral eye witnesses have seemed the only credible sources and what they saw contradicts the official report that is now accepted history. I think it was a bit silly to dig up this dead horse and beat it more. We need to accept that we will just never know.

lmclain said...

12:33...your "leaders" LOVE you.
"accepted history"???

Accepted by the sheep. People who still think for themselves haven't accepted anything.
You can get back to cheering now.