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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Las Vegas lesson about guns

Mass public killings are too common in America, but the murder of dozens of concert-goers in Las Vegas Sunday night had a unique factor. The shooter used a fully-automatic rifle to mow down the victims, of whom there were more than 500.

Reporting and commentary on guns, especially in the harrowing aftermath of mass shootings, is regularly muddled, and the press often conflates automatic weapons and semi-auto weapons. Semi-automatic weapons fire one round per trigger pull, while an automatic weapon can spray many rounds per second as long as the shooter squeezes the trigger.

While semi-automatic weapons are regulated mostly on a state-by-state basis, automatic weapons are mostly illegal, banned by a handful of federal laws. Yet the shooter in Las Vegas appears to have used an automatic weapon, according to law enforcement sources and the video of the event.

As gun control advocates yell that guns like this need to outlawed, it's crucial to remember that guns like this already are, for the most part, outlawed.



Anonymous said...

He used a bump fire stock.

Anonymous said...

Correction: The sound effects mimic the sounds of an automatic rifle.

Let's be specific with our language so we can actually think about what happened or did not happen.
There is no evidence yet that one man fired several weapons.
There is also no evidence in the media so far, which indicate anybody was shot by any weapon.

The government and lap dog media have so far failed to provide any evidence at all of the "official narrative".

The public is being asked to believe the story provided by the media and government.
There are plenty of reasons (historical actions) to NOT believe one word of the media or the government.
Plenty of reasons . . .

Anonymous said...

He used more then *a* fully automatic rifle. He used several. I think the reason was so he wouldn't have to reload and also they can jam due to heating even melt after about 1000 rounds. There are You Tube videos of this.

Anonymous said...

October 3, 2017 at 9:21 PM

would you like to retract that statement?

Anonymous said...

Laws Don't matter to a Criminal, like this , he can use or get, Whatever gun or whatever he pleases ....and don't care
about jail or prison..because he is Not going there anyway !
Only Good people are hurt or affected by Gun Laws !!!