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Monday, October 23, 2017

"She's running for president, take it to the bank"

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) more than doubled her spending in the third quarter on an online media firm that played a major part in boosting the national profile of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D., Vt.) during his run for the Democratic presidential primary, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Harris, who is regularly floated as a Democratic candidate for president in 2020, paid Revolution Messaging LLC, a Washington, D.C.,-based online media firm, $255,000 from her campaign committee, Kamala Harris for Senate, between July 1 and September 30, according to its October quarterly report.

The campaign spent a majority of this money—$234,737—on web advertisements, the filings show. The remaining $21,000 went toward campaign consulting. Harris's campaign reported spending $508,270.03 the last three months, meaning that the $255,737 that went to Revolution Messaging accounted for more than half of its expenditures.

The money that went to Revolution Messaging during the third quarter is more than double the $110,000 the campaign had spent on the firm during the second quarter.

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Anonymous said...

Better than Hillary anyway...

Anonymous said...

A gozillionth of a percent better than the HildaBeast!
She's still a racist POS and worthless as a legislator!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the San Andreas fault will open up and help with California ceding from the union before this moon bat gets the chance. I heard their attorney general on FOX News Sunday crow about how California was the economic engine for the other 49 and that they would do very well on their own. If that is so I guess the Feds don't need to send any relief cash for the fire damage.

Anonymous said...

Another in the Manchurian candidate series from Democrat casting.

Protege of CA wheeler-dealer Willie Brown; read up and you'll understand how she advanced.

Not better than Hillary but much younger so can be pushed forward for more election cycles.

Anonymous said...

She is half black too!

Anonymous said...

Look at all the money spent by Dems to elect Hillary. People are getting wiser.

Anonymous said...

Thank you