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Monday, October 23, 2017

NAACP Names New Leader for More Active Future

The NAACP turned to an insider Saturday to help bring the nation's oldest civil rights organization back to prominence.

Derrick Johnson, 49, of Jackson, Mississippi, was hired as the NAACP's 19th president and CEO after having served as interim leader since July and previously as vice chairman of the NAACP board of directors.

Johnson, in an interview with The Associated Press, said the NAACP will be much more politically active in the coming years and will alter its nonprofit status so it can more effectively lobby for its members' positions.

Johnson's hiring was finalized Saturday at a meeting of the board of directors in Arlington, Virginia.



Anonymous said...

If the NAACP is receiving any tax money that needs to be addressed...It is a racist organization that has outlived it's purpose.

Anonymous said...

The New Leader for the United States of America is Donald J. Trump. The nation voted for him and he is our leader until Nov 2020 (Jan 20 2021).

Anonymous said...

NAACP should be OUTLAWED And Affirmative Action Laws Thrown
OUT , so we in America can have Real Equality !!!

Whites AND others are Discriminated against by these Bad Things that Never should have been Allowed to happen !!!!!

Action is LOng Overdue !!

Anonymous said...

Okay, the 19th president. Can someone please tell me what the he## this organization does? Anyone? Has the plight of the African Americans, blacks, people of color, or whatever they prefer to go by today improved over the last 30 years with any help from the NAACP?

Anonymous said...

Fix Jackson, Mississippi first, with its 75% black and 90% poor, then he'll have shown us something.

Anonymous said...

NAACP is a HATE Group Not anything else !! Remember that

Anonymous said...

Who is New leader ? Jesse Jackson ? Farakon ? Al Sharpton ?

Cummings ? Shumer ? Pelosi ? Obama ?