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Monday, October 23, 2017

Penn teaching assistant under criticism for 'racist' tweet

A University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant is under heavy fire after they tweeted that they would call on 'white men' last when doing student participation.

Stephanie McKellop, a Ph.D. student studying marriage and family (using them, they pronouns), has since set their tweets to private but shared that they were trying to encourage classroom participation by minority students.

'I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. [White Women] come next. And, if I have to, white men,' they said in the tweets on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Racist! Its that simple.

Anonymous said...

And they say whites have all the privilege?

Anonymous said...

It's call privileged .

Anonymous said...

That's because white men know the answers. They don't need the help that minorities need in the classroom. That teaching assistant knows that, and yes, it's racist and an acknowledgement that minorities are not equal to white males in the classroom. Wow, talk about an equal opportunity conundrum!

Anonymous said...

well, it IS Pa.

lmclain said...

What's the problem??

If they want the concise, correct answer, with no social issues BS and no politically correct answers, she will eventually get to the white guy anyway. Proof???
Ask any white student who has attended UMES.

keep cheering.