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Monday, October 23, 2017

Bush And Obama Attempt To Smear Trump

Has populism and awareness become too large a threat to ignore?

Infowars’ Jon Bowne delivers a special report on Bush and Obama, two former presidents who have broken tradition to attack a sitting president.

They make a great team for globalism don’t they? Is it all hands on deck for the minions of the elite’s puppets George W. and Barack Obama?



Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the phony war hero McStain. He's all in on smearing Trump as well.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it coincidental that Bush who had previously committed to not saying anything negative about his predecessors, has chosen NOW to speak out? Timing seems strange just as investigation of his dad's pal Bill Clinton is ramping up (corruption re: Russia uranium deal) and also once it was known Trump was going to allow the full opening of the JFK files that G.HW.Bush is suspected of playing a major role in?

Anonymous said...

The more the Democrats and Republicans attack him the more I like him. Two different sides of the same coin and eather is for the people.

Anonymous said...

Losing respect for the good man "W"