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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Powerful Video: 'Enablers like Hillary Clinton Allowed Weinstein To Get Away With Sexual Abuse'

Internet sees a BIG problem with Obama statement on disgraced Hollywood mogul

Tucker Carlson gave a powerful statement during last night’s Fox News broadcast, noting that Harvey Weinstein only got away with years of abusing women because enablers like Hillary Clinton allowed him the credibility to do so.

“For the days after the story broke, Democrats in Hollywood and Washington seemed to freeze, unsure of what to say, hoping the whole thing would just die down and go away.” Carlson noted.

“It hasn’t. Those actors who lecture you from the Oscar podium every year and their virtue and your lack of it–suddenly silent.” he added.



Anonymous said...

Why did all those women sit back for years and say nothing? Were they being paid off?

Anonymous said...

That's the 64 Thousand dollar question 10:39. President Trump called this one too. He said some women will allow a famous/rich man to grope them with no consequences and that is exactly what most these women did. Of course the democrats twisted the conversation and made it out that he did this to women.

Anonymous said...

The fat enabler doesn't want to give back the money because the dude refused to grope her nasty self.

Anonymous said...

Hillary was his PIMP !!!

Anonymous said...

You have to Pay to Play America !!!