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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mueller Charges Manafort, but Not Because of Trump 'Collusion'

Rumors swirled over the weekend that special counsel Robert Mueller would charge someone in connection with his investigation into Russian election interference. News broke this morning that, not surprisingly, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort is the man charged. Manafort, along with his business partner Rick Gates, were ordered to turn themselves in to federal authorities to be indicted on 12 charges including conspiracy against the United States, failure to register as working for a foreign agent, money laundering, false and misleading statements and seven counts for failure to register foreign-held bank and financial accounts.

Leftmedia reports of course focus on the fact that Manafort was Donald Trump’s campaign manager for four months. Yet while Trump arguably showed poor judgement in hiring Manafort, he fired him after revelations surfaced of Manafort’s connections to Russian business dealings. And what’s interesting about these new charges is that they relate to Manafort’s actions well before he was connected to Trump’s campaign.

Specifically, Manafort had a long history of working for Democrat players John and Tony Podesta on Russia-related business interests..

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mueller when are you arresting Podesta's brother Tony And Hillary's aide Abiden.

Anonymous said...

This is a play to keep the public associating the Trump campaign and Russia. They know a lot is about to come out in this fusion GPS story and they want people thinking Trump and Russia instead of Hillary and Russia. Manafort won't do time, he probably volunteered for this duty. They will link it all to "Trumps former campaign manager" instead of the truth which is that he's another Clinton cronie.