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Friday, September 01, 2017

Woman Diagnosed With Spinal Meningitis After Being Bitten By Tick

A cluster of Lyme disease cases on Staten Island is causing concern after one woman wound up with spinal meningitis because of a tick bite.

CBS2’s Brian Conybeare spoke exclusively with the patient, Dee Vandenburg, who wants everyone to be aware of the dangers – even in the city.

The growing deer population has long been a problem on Staten Island.



Anonymous said...

It is actually mice that that spread the ticks in the larva stage. People kill the snakes that eat the mice and now you have more ticks.

Anonymous said...

Deer on Staten Island?? Never knew that. How did they connect it to the tick? If viral, it the tick had to bight something else with the virus.

Anonymous said...

Check yourself for ticks after any time you're walking around outside where there's foliage. They can be tiny, so look closely.

Anonymous said...

The thing that will take the planet down will be viral.

Anonymous said...

I've been bit by ticks all my life. Been bit by two just this summer. I'm still alive, and never been sick from a tick bite, and I'm 65. Been bit by the spotted ticks, as well as the deer ticks. They are an irritant to most people, and not any worse than a bee sting or any other bug bite. The whole "tick fever," "Lyme" and meningitis hype is all about people that have compromised immune systems to begin with.