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Friday, September 01, 2017



Anonymous said...


lmclain said...

Please tell that to the old man in the Chevy Tahoe, who gets in the left lane around Starbucks and drives 35 all the way through town, with car after car passing him on the right.

Anonymous said...

Need that on the signs on rt know, the multi-million dollar signs that tell you "OC 12 miles 14 minutes"
I sure am glad the state helps me to avoid doing a word math problem while I'm driving! That could be dangerous. I'd be doing long division on the windshield....lets see, carry the 5...minus it...53.2 miles per hour. Did i pass???
See, the signs would prevent all of that.

Anonymous said...

Yes. If you want to go slow get in the right lane.

Anonymous said...

People turning in Pittsville, from Salisbury, ride that lane everyday! Lot of people don't know it is against the law to ride in the left lane. That is passing and turning only!