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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Voting machines can be hacked without evidence, commission is told

The country’s voting machines are susceptible to hacking, which could be done in a way so that it leaves no fingerprints, making it impossible to know whether the outcome was changed, computer experts told President Trump’s voter integrity commission Tuesday.

The testimony marked a departure for the commission, which was formed to look into fraud and barriers to voting, but which heard that a potentially greater threat to confidence in American elections is the chance for enemy actors to meddle.

“There’s no perfect security; there’s only degrees of insecurity,” said Ronald Rivest, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He said hackers have myriad ways of attacking voting machines. “You don’t want to rest the election of the president on, ‘Maybe the Wi-Fi was turned on when it shouldn’t have been.’”



Anonymous said...

Voter I.D. and a thumbprint on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Nic's check for all voters, thats what mandatory to exercise your 2nd amendment, use it for voting verification also, its only fair.

Unknown said...

There was a video published years ago about a pc programmer testifying how he built such a program and it would be undetectable unless you took the pc apart and looked at the code itself.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying for years voting machines could be fixed to come out with any result you want. Paper ballots counted by hand is the only way to keep it truly honest.