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Friday, August 11, 2017

White House Globalists form 'Committee to Save America' -- from Trump and His Voter Base

A group of globalist White House advisers and generals have apparently teamed up with establishment Republican leaders in Congress to form a “Committee to Save America” alliance. Though their purported aim is to “protect Trump and the nation from disaster,” these self-styled saviors might be better named “The Committee to Betray President Donald Trump’s Voters.”

Axios’s Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen had “private chats” recently with their usual gang of establishment Republican sources in Congress and the White House about this committee of smarty-pants saviors who think Trump is either a lunatic, dumb, or both.

Allen writes about the usual suspects in this alliance—Democrats like top economic adviser Gary Cohn and globalist former Goldman Sachs executives like Dina Powell, who is notorious for being able to “manage up” as well as anyone.



Anonymous said...

Arrogance on steroids.

Anonymous said...

They work for the real bosses who keep their identities a secret.
The international bankers.
Same people for whom Mr. Trump works.

Anonymous said...

We are post soft coup. Kelly and the Generals are now the Military leaders in charge of America. Trump carefully commanded by them.

Anonymous said...

Think about the American people - jobs, health care, economy and stop with the negative actions. Work together. Or at least identify yourself do trash like this can be believe able. TRUMP UDA