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Friday, August 11, 2017

CEO Responds To Veteran-Hating, Cop-Hating Gym Owner In Epic Letter

Dear Jim Chambers, owner of the police and veteran hating gym:

I’d like to start by congratulating you. All it took was a simple sign on the door of EAV Barbell Club stating “no Fu***** cops” to bring national media exposure to a d-list gym that probably has fewer paying clients than bourbon has ingredients. Well played.

Jim, I’d like to introduce myself to you.

I run an agency called The Silent Partner Marketing. Last year we launched a campaign to donate $500,000 worth of services to police and veterans (along with other first responders) to help tell the stories behind their uniforms.

Jim, my team watched your interview in the local media. We heard your comment:

“We don’t want to make police stronger so that they can make people hurt more efficiently.”

First of all, we want to apologize. Perhaps you’ve had a difficult experience in the past. Perhaps you’ve had run-ins with the law. Perhaps, when growing up, you didn’t have people telling you that they love you. Perhaps you’re just desperate to have someone pay attention to you. Whatever your story is … it’s obviously difficult. And painful.

Want to know who else has experienced challenges in life? The police officers you are speaking out against.

And to your point – they absolutely hurt people. As a matter of fact, they do it regularly.



Anonymous said...

AMEN - he hit spot...

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Love this.

bob pinto said...

Who do the gym owners want if the place gets robbed?

Anonymous said...

He's just pissed about his gender. Happens a lot these days so just let him be to himself.

Anonymous said...

This gym owner crossed the line, but I really don't like the fact that anti-war, anti-police state people get lumped in with guys like this. Being critical of the current system doesn't mean you hate the individuals or don't wish for them to return home safely each day.