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Friday, August 11, 2017

Remember That Time...

Remember that time Donald Trump was paid $500,000 to give a speech in

Moscow?! Oh no, wait…....that was BILL CLINTON.

Remember that time Trump failed to disclose Russian donors to his
foundation before he served as Sec of State? Oh no, wait..... that was HILLARY CLINTON.

Remember the time Trump was business partners with Russian government?
Oh no wait, that was HILLARY’s campaign chairman, JOHN PODESTA.

Remember the time Trump scored $145M from shareholders of a uranium company
that was sold to the Russians? Oh no, wait… that was HILLARY.

Remember that time Donald Trump approved the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium
to the Russians?! Oh no, wait… that was HILLARY CLINTON.

Remember that time Donald Trump’s law partner was to testify against him?
Oh no, wait....that was HILLARY.

Remember that time Donald Trump sent classified emails from his personal
email server. Oh no, wait..... that was… HILLARY*.*

Remember that time Donald Trump’s political data analyst was shot in the
back on the way to testify? Oh no, wait ..... that was HILLARY’S.

Meanwhile, it's Trump who's being investigated for his "rumored" ties to
Russia, none of which has been proven; and you wonder why he fired Comey?

*I guess our laws only applies to those with a last name other than CLINTON .*


Anonymous said...

Why do the American people put up with this fraudulent investigation?

Anonymous said...

People are blind and brainwashed.. stupid!! dont these people see how the drugs are coming from foreign countries, the crime is out of control, we have people who arent event citizens buying companies and properties they are taking over america, and infiltrating our government. The black on black crime is horrendous, but all we hear about is white cops killing black people and how they victimize black people.. wake up idiots.. the enemy is trying to remove our law so martial law can be put in place, When you try and over throw our laws.. then guess what? You idiots will be beheaded or beaten tortured and much much worse. The majority of the white people have opiate addictions and dying or just messed up so badly that death is the path they will choose. Look at this, this isnt a black against white thing, fall away from that and make change. You are letting the enemy win. They have planned this for years. They saw most black men as easy target, to sling drugs make easy cash so they think.. they see white people as the other target the people working to pay for the drugs and the people get on the drugs will lose everything they have including their lives, and the black drug dealers and even white dealers would then turn on each other and kill each other. Then over throw and turn on our law enforcement and government while we are overwhelmed with illegal immigrants milking our system and we cant take care of our own. Stop it here, they want us to turn on our law enforcement and our government so they can take over our country. Look at the gangs, drugs, violence, crime, murders and lack of respect for each other as humans. Blame yourself for letting a foreign enemy come and use u as a weapon against your own country and people.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Trump's daughter was given $600,000 a year by NBC for a job that an intern would gladly have done for free?
No, wait... it was Chelsea Clinton, who later had her multimillion dollar wedding paid for with Clinton Foundation funds.

Anonymous said...

The Clintons should be in jail....Period.

Anonymous said...

should not the "Russian Collusion" investigation encompass all these facts since it said they will do a through and complete investigation? These are all facts that involve Russia and US politics. Mueller not involving these facts but including the Trump family, friends and family business of the Trumps years before the campaign. Mueller should be penalized to the max if he does not by reimbursing the Federal government for all expenses he incurred.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Mueller wanted FBI Director position and this is his way of getting even with Trump. After all the media states Mueller can part the seas and walk on walk on water. What a great person to led a witch Hunt on Trump.