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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Man Vents On Social Media After Documenting Difference Between His Groceries VS Food Stamp Shopper In Line!

An American Army veteran went food shopping and couldn’t help notice another shopper’s cart. It was loaded with tons of food and that’s when the veteran noticed something strange. The other shopper opened their wallet and people’s jaw dropped. They were paying with food stamps. But that’s not what sparked the controversy on Facebook. The Army veteran noted that the person using food stamps had a wallet full of cash – in fact, more cash than he had himself!

Just one look at this picture and you’ll see why Americans are angry with the way people abuse the welfare system.



Anonymous said...

The system is absolutely abused. You can withdraw cash fairly easily off your card. People know how to abuse the system and it needs to be fixed. Not eliminated but fixed. All the pieces of you know what ruin it for those who need the help.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mayor Day can hand out a few more citations on small business because of sign permits.keep pushing the small business day.Salisbury will be 100 percent rentals and welfare.

Anonymous said...

Ever think they just cashed their paycheck and it was bill money

Anonymous said...

It's even worse when the person abusing the system doesnt speak english. Saw it with my own eyes in Selbyville at the grocery store. That was about 13 years ago.

Anonymous said...

You are nucking futs 2:40, if you think they work. You pay for it, I have my own to care for.

Anonymous said...

Please know not all abuse this I know if I wasn't getting the helo of this program I would be hungry I'm not working due to surgery that was more complicated than expected so Longer recovery I hate that I am on food stamps am olan to be off as soon as I can find a job after recovering

Anonymous said...

I have personally seen people get cash from an ATM with an EBT and then get things like lottery tickets, alcohol, and smokes.I have also seen people buy steamed crabs and prime rib on the taxpayer dime.

Anonymous said...

Just heard a woman in store talking about her great meal at Ruth Crist steak house the night before and paid her groceries with food stamps.

JoeAlbero said...

3:20, I let your comment through only because I want to make a point. You are full of CRAP. You need to get a life because all you do is come on here putting up anything negative.

Anonymous said...

I can give you a fb post of someone wanting to buy food stamps. Bet he paid 50 cents on the dollar.

Anonymous said...

I'm 67 and I get $14.oo cash and $16.00 on food. I am thankful for that and I go by the rules. I am living on $1300.00 a month. Pay $550.00 in rent and all my utilities.. Anyone want to hate me go ahead. (map)

Anonymous said...

I qualified for YEARS and didn't know it. Didn't want it, didn't need it. But, after 8 years of Obama and paying taxes For 40 years I decided to apply get some back.

Anonymous said...

You wonder why these people suffer from poor self esteem?

Because they're takers, and they don't do anything productive except take from those that are productive.

What a life to live being a barnacle on societies ship

You people are garbage!

Anonymous said...

military service people are notorious for having to go on food stamps themselves because they don't earn enough pay. I can see why he's upset but one picture will never tell the whole story. Why do people hate on those who get assistance? If you want to hate on something hate on the system that allows abuse to occur. People are people and will always find ways to benefit themselves over others.

Even our so called leaders game the system to benefit themselves and those around them. I once stopped to pick up a box I thought had fallen off a truck to see the address to return it and the buddy that was with me immediately tore into it to see if there was anything of value in it that he could keep.

Some people are lacking in morals and that's the bottom line. How many of you would get assistance if you could? Most are just jealous, envious and mad at what they perceive as injustice. Understandable.

And no, I don't receive any assistance other than my disability checks which are large enough to pay our mortgage with about a hundred bucks left over for a whole month. Thankfully my spouse has a well-paying job that keeps our head above water, barely.

Even still, I would like to get some "free money" or "free food". I think most would. If you really want to change what you feel is wrong, a better way would be to address those who make and enforce such policies. There is no guarantee you would be successful but at least you would target the correct people instead of those who are only doing what they are allowed to do.

Or you can continue to rant and rave, go home and eat your dinner mad or whatever you currently do.

I have seen and heard of stories like this one many times and it's the same thing. Practice the serenity prayer, it may make your life a little easier. If you choose. Some just like being miserable.

Anonymous said...

Blogger JoeAlbero said...
3:20, I let your comment through only because I want to make a point. You are full of CRAP. You need to get a life because all you do is come on here putting up anything negative.

August 3, 2017 at 3:25 PM

Well heck Joe, I thought I was the one that did that. lol

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same thing i see almost daily at food lion on nanicoke road.

Anonymous said...

2:40. Probably just cashed their welfare check

Steve said...

When I was out of work, they gave us way too much in food stamps, like $450 a month for my family. Of course, we ate chicken, pasta, and burger and veggies, but after 7 months we had a $1k surplus. I asked if I could give it back, since I had found work and no longer needed it, but was told no, we had to just spend it.

So, if you saw us buying lobster and filet with food stamps, you know why.

Anonymous said...

Most people on food stamps need the food. Abuse occurs and should be stopped. Most deserve the help.

When you argue against the help you argue to starve other Americans. Are you really for that.

As to alcohol, you complain while you buy it, same with the others. Cash assistance is generally very limited. Only aliens get it easier and that should be stopped. We should not import people and allow them food stamps or cash assistance.

I agree some people just plain stupid. EBT cash or not just plain stupid. Does not mean we should starve them to death.

Like the other gentleman. We get $16 a month cash. How dare you complain if I buy alcohol with it. Can not buy much that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Government is creating money out of thin air.
They use the Central Bank to do this, the US Bonds are purchased with created money.

Every US Dollar they create devalues the US Dollars you and I hold in our possession.
This alchemy is the method used to steal our labor.

Eventually the debt creation will lead to hyper inflation of the currency.
When this happens, US Dollars will be worthless. It is then that our economy will collapse entirely.
Until then, we are in a slow-motion collapse.
The creation of FOOD STAMPS to feed the poor is a SYMPTOM of this problem.

It is not THE PROBLEM, but merely a symptom of the problem.
Don't hate the poor people who use food stamps.
Instead hate the bankers who are creating the phony money (stealing our labor) to buy the US Bonds.
This evil government is totally out of control.
But food stamps are not the problem.

Wake up folks.

Anonymous said...

When I was 18 years old I was married, living in an apartment with my pregnant wife and I was still a senior in high school. I went to school during the day so I could graduate. Then I worked part-time at nights and on weekends at a supermarket. My wife and I struggled financially but received no welfare or help of any kind. So while working at the supermarket a husband and wife came in and shopped. They got one cart overloaded with groceries including lots of steaks and meat. When they checked out they paid in cash then I helped them put the groceries in a newer looking Cadillac. Then back inside of the supermarket the man came back in and wanted to speak with the manager. He wanted to know if he could get his cash back and pay with food stamps. I knew right then that there are people like this that abuse the system and make it hard for others that deserve help but can't get it because they don't meet certain requirement or are just a few dollars over the limit to get help because they are truthful. But others lie about everything and get help even though they don't need it or deserve it.

Anonymous said...

August 4, 2017 at 12:38 AM


Anonymous said...

Did any of you ever think that the person using the EBT card is shopping for an elderly parent or grandparent or even neighbor who can not get out of the house to do it themselves? Ever think that person cares for a disabled child or is a foster care parent?