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Saturday, July 01, 2017

State police excused from Dalima Palmer trial

In the first action taken in months on the civil case between Dalima Palmer and state, county and local officials and others, the court determined both the Maryland State Police, and two unidentified officers who may have been state police, are protected from the suit on constitutional grounds.

The constitution’s 11th amendment exempts states from being sued or being found responsible for monetary damages without its consent. As there was no prior consent in the case, U.S. District Court Judge George Russell III dismissed the charges against those parties.

The state police were being sued by Palmer based upon the complaints she made against two officers (identified as “John Doe”) who stayed in the delivery room against her wishes as she gave birth. Palmer, according to court documents, doesn’t know the officers’ agency affiliation.

The incident that sparked the lawsuit is nearly four years old, and a portion of the altercation was captured on video and is available online via sites like YouTube.


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Anonymous said...

It would suck knowing that your child's first glimpse of the world included the cop who was detaining you and wanted to stay for the show.