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Saturday, July 01, 2017

A Mom and Dad’s Worst Nightmare: European Court Sides with Hospital that Wants Infant to "Die with Dignity"

Stephen Green at Instapundit highlighted this story from overseas that should terrify parents in the U.S.

The European Court of Human Rights rejected a desperate plea by parents of an infant with a rare genetic condition to prevent a hospital from terminating life support on their child.

The parents want to take the child to America to undergo an experimental therapy. But the hospital wants the infant to "die with dignity" and refuses to allow it.



Anonymous said...

There is no hope for this child, it is time to let go.

lmclain said...

That's not the point, Einstein.
Their "leaders" have told the parents of a child the decisions about that child's health care WILL BE DECIDED BY THE STATE. Not them.
Whatever the parents want is irrelevant, according to the powers that be.
What can these citizens do about such an outrageous act?
They allowed their "leaders" to disarm them, so WHATEVER their "leaders" tell them to do, they better do it.
That judicial decision, even though it is in Europe, should scare the daylights out of citizens.

Anonymous said...

10:04 would you like to spend your money on a losing proposition? This kid is a goner, and spending taxpayers medical funds on a losing situation is stupid.
Look at it from a practical point, not an emotional one.
Same as a heart transplant on a 85 year old, really?

There has to be limits on medicine, and costs.

Anonymous said...

10:54 They raised the $$ for this.

lmclain said...

The practical point?

Someone (an anonymous stranger, actually) gets to tell you whether or not they will let YOUR child live or die.
NO taxpayer funds will be used, either.
Orwell's world is coming quickly, aided by cheerleaders.
Keep cheering and hope YOUR kid doesn't become sick and they start doing economic calculations on the value of his life.
Then tell you that if you try to save him, we will imprison you.
Only the meek and powerless would EVER put up with someone who has never met them, telling them to step aside and let your kid die and DO NOT try anything to save him.
It's easy to be "practical" when it is someone else's child, huh?

Anonymous said...

They don't waste money like this in China, there has to be limits. You can't just keep something alive just because. Even if they have their own funds, it is just prolonging the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Even if they got this new treatment, the child will probably need specialized medical care for his whole life which I doubt those parents are going to cover on their own. Then they would expect insurance or government to pay for it.