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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Frosh: Suits Against Federal Officials Exactly What Lawmakers Intended

Attorney General Brian Frosh said Republican lawmakers shouldn't act surprised by his lawsuits against federal officials.

In a letter that subtly dug at what his office called "grandstanding" by aggrieved state lawmakers, he wrote that he's doing what the Democratic-majority General Assembly allowed him to do in a joint resolution.

In a letter addressed to Del. Haven Shoemaker of Carroll County and more than 40 Republican colleagues, Frosh wrote that his office has joined seven lawsuits pursuant to the resolution that allowed him to do so without expressly asking lawmakers or the governor. The suits include ones targeting environmental regulation roil-backs, the travel ban, for-profit college rules and one led by Frosh and District of Columbia counterpart Karl Racine against President Donald Trump that claims violations of the Constitution's little-tested emoluments clause.

"Each seeks to protect the health and well-being of Marylanders against harmful federal acts," Frosh wrote.



Anonymous said...

Let's make sure we irritate Trump at every possible turn and obstruct any and all positive moves he's trying to make to Make America Great Again.

After all, isn't that why we voted Frosh in?

I need a different State to live in.... these people are crazy.

Anonymous said...


Gary said...

He, Brian, it's not what you eant, it's not what the dems want, it's not what the repubs want. It's what WE, THE PEOPLE want!. Remember us? You know, the people who hired you. The ones who pay the bills, including you salary. WE want you to stop wasting OUR money, and start running the state. You know, the job you were hired to do. If I did what I wanted, instead of what my boss expected me to do,I would be fired. Maybe WE should fire you

Anonymous said...

Mr. Frosh, I don't want your so called "protection". You are an imbecile. You are an obstructionist. YOU are a deliberate danger to my and my families health and well being.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't protection include protecting us from illegal aliens with criminal records?

Anonymous said...

Frosh is a grand stander just like owemalley. He has visions of grandeur for his political future. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Dear President Trump...Frosh does not represent Eastern Shore of MD.