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Thursday, July 13, 2017

He Got Off With A PBJ


Anonymous said...

Sad, but true...and just wait--the "Justice" Reinvestment Act is coming...the intention is to lower crime, but the result will be the judges will have to consider how much a person can afford regarding bail(gee your Honor--I sold drugs and had $5000 on me when arrested, but I can't afford $10000 bond @ 10%) the jails and prison population will be "reduced" (translation-lots of sentenced criminals will be released) judges and parole commissioners will be forced to impose "sanctions" at violation hearings instead of what they may normally do (revoke)..probation agents will be overwhelmed...Liberal Maryland strikes again! (ummmm thanks???? Gov. Hogan for this???)

Anonymous said...

Salisbury DAs and liberal Judges.