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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A President’s War on the Media

After CNN was forced to retract yet another fake news story about “Russian collusion” it did what all Leftists do when caught in a lie: It played “victim.” It did so by claiming that President Trump’s calling out of the fake story, which CNN now admits was a fake, was an attack on freedom of speech in America. So, according to CNN, publishing fake “news” is free speech, while pointing out the truth is an attack on free speech.

To hammer home the point that it, CNN, is the nation’s protector of free speech, the network attempted to taunt the president on the Fourth of July by tweeting an inscription that is chiseled into a wall at the “Newseum” in Washington, D.C. They apparently thought that this would be a death blow to the president, for the quote was from the god of the state, Abe Lincoln. “Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe,” Abe supposedly said. Yes, just let them “know” that Vladimir Putin personally hypnotized Donald Trump, turning him into a Manchurian candidate, and then rigged all the election machinery in the United States to assure his election. They will then be “safe” to know that Hillary Clinton is their real president.

Unfortunately for CNN, the Lincoln quote is more fake news because the quote itself is a fake, as proven by several researchers and reported by The Federalist Web site. How telling –and appropriate — that CNN and the “Newseum” invoke this fake Lincoln quote as their motto. Lincoln was a tyrant and a dictator with regard to the media, shutting down over 300 opposition newspapers in the North during the War to Prevent Southern Independence and imprisoning their editors and owners without due process. No other president has ever come close to being as big an enemy of freedom of the press.



Anonymous said...

If you read The Art of The Deal, the good president was "dealing" with the media as far back as 1987. The man is a genius and just playing with them.

Thornton Crowe said...

There is no war between Trump & the media. He uses them like tools every chance he gets. They fall for it, too. They don't even realize when he does things and they get all hysterical, he pushes their limits and then watches what they do. Art of War is more the case, but it's a war that they seem to engage in without thought of what he's actually doing. His brilliance shines through with every tweet and the reaction that follows suit.

Anonymous said...

Trump doesn't underestimate Americans the media does.

lmclain said...

Don't forget, either, that Lincoln, with a mere wave of his hand, suspended Habeas Corpus rights (supposedly GUARANTEED to us by the Constitution!).