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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Katherine Dettwyler on

Dettwyler is very hard for an intro class. I recommend not taking her for anything. Her tests are solely based off her textbook, and there are so many little details that you need to know from the textbook. I don't think ive studied for an exam more and I got an 81. Don't take this class, there are no notes or references online either.



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Anonymous said...

The woman was fired after saying Otto Warmbier (student that died after being released by North Korea) "Got what he deserved" -Kathy Dettwyler.

lmclain said...

No kidding.
You actually have to THINK and READ THE TEXTBOOK to pass her class??

My God.
What are schools becoming?

They need a safe space now, because the real world is already biting them in the ace.
All the other teachers told her she was a genius, smarter than they could imagine, and can be anything she wants to be. Even gave her a 20 point increase in her test scores because they knew she was smart but probably just had a bad self-esteem day.
Wait til she has to move out of her mom's house. The fun begins then.