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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tooth found in Lyon sisters search disappears before Welch murder trial

WASHINGTON – A key piece of physical evidence that helped prosecutors charge Lloyd Lee Welch with murder for the deaths of Sheila and Katherine Lyon has been lost by the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, WTOP has learned.

A tooth recovered during searches in recent years on Taylor’s Mountain, in remote Thaxton, Virginia – where investigators believe Welch burned the bodies of the 12- and 10-year-old girls in 1975 – disappeared before it could be forensically tested to see if it belonged to one of the Lyon sisters.

The tooth was in the custody of the sheriff’s department.

Contacted by WTOP, a spokesperson with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office declined to address how the tooth disappeared.

According to court records, the tooth was a key piece of physical evidence prosecutors had at their disposal as they attempt to prove that Welch killed the girls.



lmclain said...

Look at any relatives (or friends of relatives) that worked somewhere in the system.
Is their evidence room just an open closet in the third floor?
Do the cops get real bullets in that town?
Is Barney Fife in charge?
The "chain of custody" had to end somewhere. In a jail cell would be the proper place, but again, "Two Sets of Laws" will protect the guilty.
NOW, who speaks for the little girls?
Smith and Wesson.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Bet a lot of money changed hands. Is somebody there related to the Clintons??