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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

IDF hits Syrian army following mortar fire

IDF forces struck Syrian army targets Sunday afternoon, after a number of mortar shells from Syria exploded in the Israeli Golan Heights.

According to an IDF spokesperson, the Israeli military attacked two Syrian artillery pieces and an ammunition truck on the Syrian side of the northern Golan Heights.

The IDF spokesperson emphasized that Israel is not “a party to or involved in the Syrian civil war,” but added that the IDF “takes seriously any attempt to harm the sovereignty of the State of Israel or the security of its citizens, and views the Syrian army as being responsible for occurs in [Syria’s] territory”.



Anonymous said...

The IDF are the terrorists.
Ditto for the CIA and Mossad.
Might as well throw in the MI5 and MI6 while we are at it.
And the entire US government and media propaganda apparatus.

Anonymous said...

You know, kind of makes one wonder why we keep messing with this guy Assad. I think it has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he is guilty of genocide; we took out Bin Laden, and Gaddafi was overthrown, so someone please explain what redeeming qualities this guy has. I say time for Seal Team Six to come a calling.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there was any gras or trees over there. all I ever see is sand, dust & rubble.

Jim said...

"The IDF are the terrorists"

Somehow I knew the Palestinian trolls would show up.